Hotel Shiroka Laka

The luxury and comfort you deserve!

Hotel "Shiroka Laka" **** - luxury and comfort, home coziness and warmth, moments and experiences!


With the wonderful beauty of sunshine over the mountain peaks ...
With the scent of wild flowers over the sunny meadows ...
With the rumble of the mountain streams ...
With the unforgettable sound of the snow beneath the ski on the slopes ...
With the warmth of the fire burning in the fireplaces during the winter evenings ...
With the unique taste of the Rhodope dishes and the wonderful Bulgarian wines ...
With the magic of Rhodope songs ...
With the colors of folk costumes ...
And the silver ringing of the chans ...
If you want to experience the pleasures of life,
Surrounded by stunning scenery,
Where summer is long and sunny,
And winter snowy white,
Come to this magical mountain,
Where all your senses will wake up!
Rhodopeans will welcome you with their "Welcome" smile,
They will raise a glass to your health,
They will enchant you with tales of past times,
They will sing and play for you,
They will make you laugh and entertain yourself,
With them you will feel the real thrill of life
And you'll find friends for life!

For connoisseurs of style and elegance! The unique combination of modern comfort, conceptual style, impeccable service and varied possibilities for both active and relaxing holidays will satisfy even the highest requirements.
Built in 2009, the hotel "Shiroka Laka" **** is distinguished by its unique architecture and luxurious interior and is fully in line with the modern perceptions of a place for a complete holiday. It guarantees uncompromising standard and sophisticated ambience that you will not find elsewhere.
Its exceptional location in the heart of the architectural and folklore center of the Rhodope Mountains gives you immediate access to national and historical sights and, at the same time, the challenges of the forest paths or the ski slopes of the mountain. As a modern replica to the authentic Bulgarian houses, the hotel maintains a style that will give you a real aesthetic pleasure.
Hotel Shiroka Laka **** offers you a full range of services, quality and tranquility, and responsible care for your health. That's why the dishes included in its healthy menu are made from environmentally friendly products. Pure and exuberant atmosphere without tobacco smoke!

Escape from the gray everyday life of the city and immerse yourself in peace and relaxation!

Welcome to us!



The guests are available:







Night Club



Fitness Gym



Relax Zone

After a workout in the gym or walking in the nature of the authentic Rhodope houses, it is time to relax.

One of the most pleasant opportunities offered by Hotel Shiroka Laka **** is to have a rest in the calming atmospehere of our Relax zone

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